Who We Are

THINKBOX BERLIN is a software start-up company based in Berlin. We're developing our own ideas for the future of the Internet of Things - creating and enabling new, modern, fun but above all useful applications for home, office and industry.

Our team has expertise in the relevant IoT protocols, hardware and software technology, as well as visual design - needed to create fluid interfaces for an exciting user experience. We're actively keeping abreast of new technological developments and trends in the market.

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Simon Merrall

Technology & Software Design

Software architect and developer on diverse IoT projects over the past 10 years; holds a PhD in computer science.

Ani Ohanian

Business Development

Trend researcher specializing in IT and communication technologies and their impact on marketing and advertising.

Andreas Sayegh

Program & Product Management

Technical lead on many Smart Home R&D projects for a German telco operator; chair of several IoT standardization working groups.

Helge Windisch

Design & Visual Strategy

Founder of the design label flaneur.de working in various branches of graphic design; holds a university degree in visual communications.


What We Do

With the aim of producing exciting software technology and applications, we are currently developing various innovative ideas for the Internet of Things.

We have already seen numerous interesting concepts for IoT and have developed several ourselves. But the future of IoT technology goes way beyond the current state of the art. IoT systems need to be deductive, and able to determine for themselves what action is required, as well as protecting the users and their data. The reception of an IoT application is determined to a great extent by the quality of the user interface -- creating an intuitive and entertaining user experience is as important for us any other aspect of the software.

We are always interested in finding industry partners, who are looking to expand the current boundaries of IoT by creating new and engaging scenarios. To this end we are also happy to advise and support others with their IoT projects. Especially with regard to technology selection, comprehensive and scalable software architectures, the testing of hardware and software components as well as end-to-end system testing and prototype development.

Self learning

Our software always tries to deduct its actions to provide an enjoyable and minimum interaction experience.

Stunning design

Our user interface are designed to be both fun and functional and include GUIs, voice and gesture control.

Lean coding

Less code means more security, better testing and less performance ballast.


Our software doesn't expose your personal usage data, not even to us.


Our Projects

We are currently focused on the initial release of GITELLIQ - our micro-AI engine for IoT - and the accompanying deductive application for remote and intelligent climate control. Starting with a standard profile GITELLIQ learns user preferences and patterns of activity. Data is only stored locally - never in the cloud - and in an encrypted database that even we cannot read.

To coincide with the launch of the engine, GITELLIQ Central will go online. This is our platform for remote access - a service based on MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) providing secure, high performance message transmission with full end-to-end encryption. This is the basis for remote access in GITELLIQ and ensures that neither we nor any one else can read the content of messages sent to and from the engine.

In addition we are also working on our Cozima Shop, where we will provide a selection of devices that have satisfied our own tests and requirements. The test reports and additional user guides will also be available in the shop.


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